Thursday, March 19, 2009

Furniture Inspired by Human Body

Every designer has his own inspirations.
Some go to the end of the world to get their inspiration, and some don't have to go that far, and just look at the mirror or at a person right in front of them.
Here are some furniture designs that were inspired by the human body.

human leg table
Leggy Blonde by Rupert Cavendish

Him and Her - human body chairs
Him and Her by Fabio Novembre

human chair
Human Chair by Tucker Robbins

Cardboard drawers human body furniture
Cardboard drawers furniture by sylvie11510

Human body Chair
Human Chair by Erik Griffioen

Cardboard niche human body furniture
Cardboard niche furniture by sylvie11510

human body lamps
At Your Command by Daniel Loves Objects via thedesignblog

Body shape sculpture Lamp
Sculpture Lamp by Frederick Weinberg

human legs chair
Perspective by Pharrell Williams from domeau peres

body shape couch chair
Woman body shape couch from flatrock

Wine on Heels stool
Wine on Heels by Mario Philippona

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