Monday, March 2, 2009

Recycled Cardboard Furniture Design

Cardboard is a wonderful material for creation because one of his sides is flexible and therefor can be designed in almost any shape, and the other side is strong, which is important when you build something...
Few years ago I took a course in building furniture in cardboard, and it's a great course. Having said that, I must admit that I have not managed to complete even one furniture... oops.
But take a look at what can be done with cardboard:

Cardboard carton table
Cardboard table from compagnie-bleuzen

Cardboard desk
Cardboard desk from compagnie-bleuzen

carton Cardboard bookcase
Cardboard bookcase from sylvie11510

Cardboard chair
Cardboard chest of drawers from sylvie11510

Cardboard chair
Cardboard chair from sylvie11510

Cardboard  carton furniture
Cardboard chest of drawers by Revital Regev

carton Cardboard table
Cardboard table by 123cartons

Cardboard carton table with drawer
Cardboard table with drawer by 123cartons

carton Cardboard mirror
Cardboard mirror from 123cartons

Cardboard  carton bench furniture
Cardboard bench by by Angela

Cardboard  carton furniture
Cardboard chest of drawers by Angela

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