Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cool Necklaces for Geeks

If you like these necklaces, it doesn't mean you're a geek. Even I liked some of them, and I'm not... ooops... Am I?

Twitterati pendant from CouchObjects

RSS pendant necklace
RSS pendant necklace by LovestruckRobot

Ctrl Z pendant geek necklace
Ctrl Z pendant by capitolagirl

pong pendant
needle felted wearable pong tribute by madebymoxie

Geek Love pendant necklace
Geek Love pendant by melissa j. lee

Help button and Emoticon pendants - geek necklace
Help button and Emoticon pendants

Diamonds strudel pendant
Diamonds strudel pendant

Arcade Man and 4 Ghosts Necklace
Arcade Man and 4 Ghosts Necklace from rubirocket

Pacman and space invader pendants
Pacman and space invader pendants by everyjoe

Pixel Pacman geek necklace
Pixel Pacman necklace by Glitterparadise

Byte Me geek pendant
Byte Me pendant by SparkleMe

Circuit board Necklaces
Circuit board Necklaces by geekware

LOL necklace
LOL by boomtisca

Tetris necklace
Tetris necklace

file not found geek necklace
File not found pendant

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golublog said...

I love the vases. Though I wish they could hold more flowers.

Hemp Necklace said...

Amazing collection of necklaces, I enjoyed your post very much.

Vegan Recipes said...

Appreciate yyour blog post

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