Saturday, February 7, 2009

An Octopus in the Living Room?!?

How would you like an octopus in your living room? or maybe an elephant?
After watching these animal inspired furniture designs, I'm sure you'll consider it...
Ah, of course I'm not talking about furniture made from animals (I'm against that - I like the animals alive). Only inspiration.
One more thing, don't think I forgot dogs and cats. I found so many of them that I decided to make a special post for them (coming soon...).

Cow Chair Back Rest
Cow Chair Back Rest by dragonflycorral

Reading Monkeys Bookends from wrapables

Old Donky Lamp
Old Donky Lamp by flickr user riptheskull

Rocking Frog Lamp
Rocking Frog Lamp, image from nerdapproved

Alligator Bench
Alligator Bench from flick user halo969

Butterfly Garden Bench
Butterfly Garden Bench by TeakwickerAndMore

Children fish chair
Children fish chair by Winn Taylor

Raven chair
Raven chair by Erik R. Lindbergh

Elephant Chair with Lamp
Elephant Chair with Lamp. 1928 by Alexander Calder

Spider Chair
The Spider Chair By Erik Griffioen

horse table
Horse Table by Frederic Weinberg

Creative Horse Traditional Table Lamp
Creative Horse Traditional Table Lamp by Billy Moon

octopus chair lounge sculpture from recycled jeans
Octopus chair / lounge sculpture made of 4 recycled pairs of jeans by atelier blink

Mad Cow Sofa
Mad Cow Sofa, from uk-contemporary-furniture

zebra giraffe chair
Dali's Darlin' Zirrafe, by Rhea Giffin

seagull chair
Seagull Chair, 1999 by Judy Kensley McKie

Moose Rack, 2006 by Judy Kensley McKie

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