Monday, January 26, 2009

Today in Movies History - Paul Newman

Today in 1925 Paul Newman was born.
Newman is best known as an American actor and film director and producer who won numerous awards for his films.
From his greatest movies:

  • Exodus (1960)
  • The Hustler (1961)
  • Hud (1963)
  • Cool Hand Luke (1967)
  • The Sting (1973)
  • Slap Shot (1977)
  • The Verdict (1982)
  • The Color of Money (1986)

But the blue-eyed actor was also an entrepreneur, humanitarian, and auto racing enthusiast.
He founded Newman's Own, a line of food products in 1982, which he donated all of its income (after tax) to charity.

Newman died in 2008 from lung cancer.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this tribute. I buy Newman's Own all the time, because he started it and because it's for a good cause.
Here is another tribute to Newman

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